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Childhood mental health: Signs & triggers

Working with children and young people following ABI includes looking out for their mental health and spotting specific triggers and signs that someone isn't coping. Julie Stannard, nurse and case manager for the Child Brain [...]

Behind the Smile

Children’s Mental Health Week this year (led by Place2B) is shining a light on being healthy inside and out. It makes absolute sense that our mind and bodies and how we feel physically and mentally [...]

From football to frustration

At eight years old, life seems simple and fun; playing football is the aim of the day and spending time with friends seems to be the only responsibility you have on your plate. An acquired [...]

Sleep challenges following ABI

In our latest update, Louise Wilkinson, Head of Information and Learning at the Child Brain Injury Trust, shares valuable information and insight into sleep challenges for children following acquired brain injury. Louise explores the challenges [...]

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