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This section details frequently asked questions for families and referrers:

For families:

Case management is a collaborative process that involves:

  • Assessing a child following a brain injury to understand their complex needs
  • Planning the rehabilitation needed, ensuring it involves all aspects of the child’s life both today and in the future as they grow up.
  • Implementing the rehabilitation plan in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary team of health and social care professionals
  • Co-ordinating all involved services to ensure the child’s rehabilitation, care and support meets their needs.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the rehabilitation, services and support that the child needs, ensuring it meets an individual’s health, social care, educational and employment needs.

Case management is available to those with legal or private funding and we work with families where the legal claim is either ongoing or settled. Unfortunately our services are not yet funded via health and social services.

It’s really important to get independent advice from an expert legal professional and the very best for your child’s rehabilitation.  Please contact the Child Brain Injury Trust for further information or visit the website and visit the Legal Support Services pages.

The service is committed to ensuring the needs of every child it supports are met.

The service gives each child access to support services in one place including employment support, transitional services and behavioural support. All levels of injury are assessed to achieve the right outcomes for each child and your case manager will ensure that through assessment, care planning and rehabilitation pathways each child is placed at the heart of every decision to help them to grow up confidently and live a fulfilled life.

You can view a full list of commitments here: For families.

For support finding a solicitor, visit the Child Brain Injury Trust website and their Legal Support Service information.

Parents should be involved in the appointment of a case manager as it is important to know that you and your child will be able to work well together with the appointed person. Where a legal claim is ongoing, the solicitor or appointed deputy may talk to you about a case manager and make arrangements for you to meet one. It is OK to ask to meet more than one to help inform your decision.

If funding has not been awarded but you are in a position to make a referral yourself, please email enquiry@cbirs.co.uk

For referrers:

Bush & Company has been established for over 30 years and this joint venture demonstrates our commitment and social responsibility with regard to working with the charitable sector in an increasingly difficult economic climate. We have significant expertise in this field and are excited about the possibilities of working together with CBIT to enable the charity to continue to expand and provide their services to even more children and their families.

The Child Brain Injury Trust supports thousands of families to access rehabilitation and legal services and to help them to understand how best to help their child. They create social opportunities so that families feel part of their communities and they provide schools with appropriate strategies and support to enable children and young people to achieve better educational and social outcomes.

This partnership enables both brands to extend their reach and further help children with acquired brain injury to live fulfilled lives.

Referrals need to be made via our online referral form. Please complete as much detail as possible and a member of our Business Services team will be in touch within two working days to progress the case.

To make an enquiry to the service about a case you have, please email enquiries@cbirs.co.uk or complete the enquiry form.

You can find a case manager using our CV search functionality on the website. Fill out as many fields as you like and our search engine will return the most suitable case manager for your needs (primarily based on client location and specialism). Alternatively leave all fields blank and the search engine will return details of all case managers.

If you have experience of a specific case manager or the search does not return anyone you wish to consider please email us at enquiry@cbirs.co.uk or call us on 01327 223817

You can contact the service at enquiry@cbirs.co.uk or call us direct on 01327 223817.

You can write to us at Bush & Company Rehabilitation Ltd (CBIRS), Unit C Daventry Interchange, Sopwith Way, Drayton Fields, Daventry, NN11 8PB.

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