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Our Commitment to Children and their Families:

We appreciate that you and your family need support at a challenging and emotional time and so the Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service has a number of commitments it makes to you and your child.

Our case managers will always:

  • Work with you, ensuring your child’s rehabilitation, care and support needs are always at the heart of every decision made;
  • Provide information and support to you and your child when making important decisions such as rehabilitation plans, education, social and leisure etc;
  • behave with respect for you and your family;
  • Act with passion and integrity;
  • Work professionally with all involved individuals and services, gaining your (and where appropriate your child’s) consent before disclosing any information;
  • Communicate all decisions, plans and outcomes with you and those significant parties in your network of support;
  • Listen and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Choosing a Solicitor

When a child acquires a brain injury, whole families lives are affected. The Child Brain Injury Trust understands what families are going through when a child acquires a major traumatic injury. The road to recovery can seem like a long and difficult journey, and it’s really important to get independent advice from an expert legal professional and the very best for your child’s rehabilitation.

At some point in our lives, we all need to use a lawyer. When a child suffers a brain injury, we can’t emphasise enough how important it is that families seek advice from firms that truly understand the impact this has on the child and how life may change for the whole family. The charity has created a network of regional partnerships to ensure that the children, young people and families that we work with get the right legal support as soon as possible. This can cover a wide range of topics, from assisting with pursuing a claim form for welfare benefits or compensation to understanding what your employment rights are if you need to take time off work to care for your child.

The partnerships cover all regions within England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Please contact the Child Brain Injury trust on 01869 341075 or visit the website:

Additional Support

The Child Brain Injury Trust Model of Integrated Support is the only UK wide service providing practical and emotional support for children, young people and families after the onset of brain injury through to transition into adult services. We now have expert Child & Family Support Coordinator’s working with each children’s Major Trauma Centre, working closely with the clinical teams to ensure a smooth transition from hospital back to home and the community.

Useful information

The Child Brain Injury Trust has written a number of useful factsheets for children and families. The factsheets have been designed and written to help people to understand ABI in more detail and some of the complexities following such an injury.

To view the factsheets, visit:

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